Pampa Mandal (Albany Medical College : PhD in Biology)

I can clearly remember the day I got admission in Edxcare International. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I had fear in my mind that I might not be able to handle the very tedious process of applying to USA. Edxcare was with me throughout the process from making me prepared for GRE to applying for US Visa. Small, well structured verbal and quantitative classes had honed my efficiency to crack GRE very smoothly. Arindam da and Samnhita helped me in every step after the exam like pre-application, SOP writing, University selection, Application process and Visa application. I am greatly thankful to Edxcare International for helping me to fulfil my dream. I think that it is the best consultation for students who want to go USA for higher studies with full scholarship.

Indrani Ganguly ( Iowa State University : PhD in Meteorology)

"Joining Edxcare International in April of 2018 was THE best decision of my life! The first day that I spoke to Arindam Da, he made the dream of studying in USA seem so tangible! The classes for GRE and TOEFL were so much fun! Sujata ma’am, Aditi ma’am and Saheli ma’am were incredible teachers. Each student was individually attended to, their strengths were assessed, and weaknesses overcome. The whole team made extra sure that everyone was ready to give their best on the test day. The next hurdle was the long and tedious application process. I cannot thank Samnhita Di and Arindam Da enough for guiding each step throughout this phase. I remember Samnhita Di’s excitement the day I got my first admit and Arindam Da’s proud “well done” SMS. It was great to belong to the Edxcare family. The Edxcare team has the best interest of every student in their hearts. I owe my success to Edxcare and I am so glad to have had them by my side through the journey to live the US dream."

Subham Gupta (University of Alabama : PhD in Aerospace)

" Well, studying abroad has always been my dream since childhood. I still remember the month when I first joined Edxcare International. It was around November 2017 when me and my father came to Arindam Roy's office to join the centre. Since, my brother also studied in the very same centre so I was already familiar with the Institute's reputation and its multiple success stories. They treat you like family here and the most advantageous principle of this centre is that they will continue to support you until you fly off the country. The teachers and the staff are very hospitable here and they guide you from the preparation of GRE exam to the entire application process. I want to thank Samnhita Di, Sujata ma'am, Aditi ma'am and especially Saheli di for their valuable input througout the entire process. Lastly I want to thank Arindam Sir for his constant motivation and for all the things that he has done for me and my brother. I had a very nice experience in this place and I wish all the future students all the best in their future endeavours."

Shruti Majumdar (Missouri University of Science & Technology : PhD in Physics)

"Edxcare has guided me throughout the whole process of getting an opportunity to do PhD in USA with full scholarship. From the beginning of this tedious journey, they have mentally supposed me and guided me for GRE and TOEFL and made this look like an easy one. Thanks Edxcare!"

Siddhartha Roy Nandi (Syracuse University)

"After working for almost 5 yrs I decided to do my PhD in USA.I am pursuing my PhD in Computer Science in Syracuse University,NY. I was fortunate enough to get in touch with Mr. Arindam Roy at Edxcare International. Within a very short span of time (5 months), the faculties at Edxcare International helped me to prepare for GRE and TOEFL. It is worth to tell that during the application phase, Mr. Arindam Roy guided me to choose some of the best institution compatible with my academic profile. I am thankful to Edxcare International for their support during my need and special thanks to Mr. Arindam Roy for his mentorship."

Atreyee Das (Iowa State University)

"I just had a dream of going abroad for my higher studies but I simply had no idea on how to pursue the dream. So one day my mother and I decided to drop off at Edxcare just to see whether at all it is possible for this dream to come true......From the very first day the confidence Arindam Sir gave me made me realise that I can and will do it...I joined Edxcare after my M.Sc. exam which turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. From providing excellent coaching for GRE and TOEFL to guiding me throughout the entire application process I have always found Edxcare beside me. Samnhita Di and Arindam Sir never made me feel the process cumbersome, guiding me throughout each and every step... Whatever they have done for me cannot be explained in words.. When I look back at this time last year I find so much has changed...and all because of Edxcare. They have changed my life and I can never thank them enough for this...."

Arka Sardar (Auburn University)

"If you want to fulfil your dream this is the place where you should be. This is the first thing comes to my mind if someone asks me about the institute. They will hold your hand from the beginning and will never leave you until you achieve your goal. Even if you want to give up, they will continuously motivate you to chase your dream which is the best part about them. From classroom coaching to the application procedure, in every step, they will guide you like a guardian. I can't explain what they did for me, any appreciation or thank you is not enough to express my gratitude. I will just say one thing to all the dream chasers - just go for it, they will never let your dream shatter."

Ahana Majumder (South Dakota State University)

"This institute has been the guiding star for my journey to USA. The well structured classes helped me to navigate through the GRE and the TOEFL coursework efficiently, improving my efficiency and preparing me for the D-day. The next hurdle after taking the examinations, is the very elaborate and tiring application procedure.Proper guidance during this period is very crucial and Samnhita di and Arindam Sir left no stone unturned to make this process as easy as possible for me. I owe my success to Edxcare International."


"When I was not sure whether I can achieve my goal of pursuing PhD in USA, I found the right address in right time, which is Edxcare International. This is the best institute and guide provided with great class assistant. They help students preparing for the exams at their level best and provide excellent guidance, advice and support. I would definitely recommend this institute for all those students who want to study in USA. Thank you so much Arindam Da, Saheli Di."


"If you want to go to US, EDXCARE International is the place. They provide exquisite training for all your GRE/TOEFL/IELTS needs. They also render excellent counselling program, where they tell you which university will be the best match for your overall profile. I will recommend everyone who wants to go to US for higher studies to hire their services."

Aritra Bera (University Of Nevada, Reno)

"It was really a great experience at Edxcare International. They guided me starting from my GRE & TOEFL preparations followed by University Selection, SOP & application that finally got me admitted to my dream US university. I would recommend Edxcare International to all the aspiring students who are planning to go abroad for higher studies."


I thank EDXCARE for the role they played in encouraging and motivating me to pursue my dream of undergraduate education in USA. With the whole hearted support and constant guidance, I was able to focus on academics, extracurricular activities and research projects. I thank them for always being accessible and going out of their way to help me. I am grateful to all the faculties of EDXCARE for being my mentor and having faith on me, so I could realize my true potential and work towards my dream. I would like to specially thank Arindam Ray Sir for guiding me all through. Cheers to EDXCARE! Cheers to Arindam Sir!

Sohini Dutta (Kent State University)

"Even though it sounds very cool, applying to schools in US is not that easy and requires a lot of time, patience and 100% commitment. I joined EdxCare in July 2014 as student to apply as a prospective Fall 2015 applicant in PhD, and it was one of the best decisions that I had made. Deciding on which GRE coaching institution to join is not easy considering the large number of options we have these days but it definitely is one of the most important steps. I had visited a lot of them in Bangalore while my father was looking for places in Kolkata and he had heard about EdxCare from others. He went for the initial (free) counseling without me (I was still in Bangalore at that time). He did not have much knowledge about the entire process but everything was explained in detail to him; from the classes, the actual test, the application procedures and the post-admission process along with the timeline of the entire thing. He was so impressed with the professionalism, clarity and the methodical approach that he made a decision that I absolutely had to join Edxcare for my GRE classes and counseling. I had registered for the verbal and quant classes for GRE along with TOEFL classes and help with the applications. The faculty of EdxCare is outstanding .They are there to help you at every step of the process. Edxcare also has a huge collection of study material in their library which makes exam preparation much easier. The application process itself is a long process but in Edxcare you're not left alone even once. During the application process, it was not just me but the director, Arindam Roy, and all the other faculty members who worked as hard as me, guided me and motivated me through the whole process because it does get extremely challenging at times. Their services do not end there. They even help with the post admission procedures such as VISA applications, initial insurance help, figuring out accommodation in the USA to name a few. And the one thing I loved the most was the professional yet homely ambiance that this place has. Edxcare expects all their students to put in their best but at the same time makes the whole journey fun, enjoyable and memorable.


"I think Edxcare provides the best possible service in this domain...whether it is the training for the exams, pre-application phase, application phase or counselling after getting accepted at the American universities.... this organization has been helpful and professional during all of these...I would definitely recommend it to other aspirants!"


"Whatever I write about Edxcare will be less. Still let me try. I joined Edxcare International in May 2014 for Admission Consulting. Arindam da was very amicable and positive from the first day I met him with my mother. The positive vibe made me confident that I have hit upon the right place. I could not have been more right! Arindam da helped me judiciously in each step starting from college search to the Visa Interview. I personally find their way of college search and applications very rational. I got 3 offers for PhD with full financial aid in Fall 2015. Now comes the most amazing part of my journey. I joined a university in Fall 2015 but due to personal reasons decided to withdraw from the program and go back to India and try again for the next year. Arindam da helped me once again with the whole procedure!! He did not charge me anything this time. He follows a strict principle, "Once my student, always my student." In Fall 2016 I got 3 PhD offers with full financial aid yet again and currently I am pursuing doctoral studies in Chemistry at the City University of New York. The whole Edxcare team(Arindam da, Aditi di, Saheli di and company) are a source of positivity, support and warmth for every student. I am very very fortunate to be a part of the Edxcare family forever! Edxcare also helps with parents' visas, air tickets and the last steps before going to the US, which include managing finances, insurance, etc.This is undoubtedly the best option you can have!! Arindam da, I can never thank you enough. You rock! :)"


"Appearing for GRE and applying to a US university is a very tedious and complicated process. Edxcare helped me in terms of preparing me for GRE and TOEFL exams, guiding me through the application process and also helped me apply for visa. Thanks to Edxcare many of my myths about US universities were busted and the hassles of applying USA universities were resolved."

Sudakshina Chakrabarty (Grand Valley State University)

It is said that “when there is a will, there is a way”. For me Edxcare International was that way. When I decided to take GRE and apply for universities in USA there was not much time left for the next academic year and it seemed impossible for me to get ready in such a short time. But the proper guidance from Edxcare made everything possible. I didn’t know anything about the application procedure but the faculties and advisors taught me everything from the scratch. I got every bit of help starting from exams, interview, applications, visa application to ticket booking, insurance and airport pickup. Above everything, it is the homely atmosphere of Edxcare International which always attracts me. The friendly atmosphere always used to reduce all my tensions during applications. Even after coming to USA I always got help and advice from the institute. The dream which once seemed impossible finally became a reality because of the guidance of the advisor team of Edxcare.

Sohag Chakraborty (CUNY)

Whatever I write about Edxcare International will not be enough to express my gratitude for this organization which guided me to fulfil my desire to come to USA. It was through some of my friends that I came to know about Edxcare when I was struggling for getting admission to an US university. I still remember the first day when I visited Edxcare, the positive vibes I got from Arindam Roy, one of the best mentors I have ever had, boosted up my motivation for achieving my dreams. This organization is not just an educational consultancy but when you are a part of it, it will be your greater family. All the faculty members are very helpful and amicable and guide all the students immensely throughout the entire process starting fromcounselling individual students, preparing them for tests till the application process. Even after coming to USA, the support you get from the network of Edxcare students here is highly commendable. In a nutshell, I can vouch that if you have a dream or plan to come to USA for higher studies with financial aid, Edxcare will show you the easiest way to get there.

Souvik Mukherjee (University Of Illinois)

It was too late when I finally decided to do my PhD in USA but I was fortunate enough to get in touch with Mr. Arindam Roy at Edxcare International. Within a very short span of time (3 months), the faculties at Edxcare International helped me to prepare for GRE and TOEFL. It is worth to tell that during the application phase, Mr. Arindam Roy guided me to choose some of the best institution compatible with my academic profile. I am thankful to Edxcare International for their support during my need and special thanks to Mr. Arindam Roy for his mentorship.

Sayan Chakraborty (North Carolina State University)

My experience with Edxcare international has been a remarkable. Extensive verbal and quants classes, study materials, scientific method of teaching, excellent faculty (Sujata Maam and Aditidi) and proper guidance have made my dream come true. Edxcare people - Arindamda, Sahelidi and Aditidi guided me through all the tricky processes of pre-application, US university selection, application procedures, counseling, US VISA procedures. All of the faculties at Edxcare are very helpful, who enjoy teaching and work hard to fulfill our dream of higher studies from a prestigious US university. They have exceptional knowledge about US and others foreign universities. I am thankful for what Edxcare international has done for me and am proud to call myself a part of the Edxcare International family.

Rajat Kumar Pal (University Of Massachusetts)

Joining Edxcare: A great transformation in my life When I joined Edxcare, I already failed twice by applying twice in USA. I wasted a lot of money, energy and enthusiasm only when I figured out that my choices were incorrect and were not in accordance with my credentials. Its not me who figured out this fact on my own. Its Arindam Da who at his first glance on my university sorting chart, pointed out the mistake I made every time. I got the message, but then I was unable to join Edxcare as because of my financial condition. Its again him who helped me start taking classes. The classes were really helpful and also lots of fun. I had great time interacting with Aditi Di, our quants teacher and madam who taught the verbal section of the GRE. I also got good training inTOEFL. I scored medium in both the exams. I think the scoring depends on how strategically you can handle and perform at the day of the test and primarily on your belief system. Edxcare taught me all the strategies. I made amazing friends and we are still in touch with each other. They all made to US along with me in different universities of their choice. Its all happened because of Edxcare...!! So, if you believe in yourself, Edxcare will help you achieve what you want.... from a brilliant score to a brilliant school in USA and other foreign countries in a world-class program of your choice.....!!! :)


Probably the only institute in Kolkata which genuinely helps students in their application to US universities. If anyone wants to get some true advice I would highly recommend Edxcare International. "Undergraduates do not get a full scholarship" - that is what I heard from most of the other so-called 'prestigious' institutes in Camac street, but here I am today, as a student of Edxcare International, with full scholarship for my BS in Aerospace Engineering. The institute involves much more beyond the classroom. You learn not only what your application requires but you also learn valuable life skills. Furthermore, you learn to correctly interact with your professors or people at the Office of Admissions and trust me that is what is one of the most important things in your application. If someone would ask me about Edxcare I will say "TRUST Arindam Sir and KEEP CALM."

Akash Jyoti Mazumdar (University of Missouri)

Makes everything easier than ever, amiable in every way. I never regretted joining the family and so does many of my friends (if I can speak for them though..!!)..

Ankan Guria (University Of Idaho)

I was enrolled in Edxcare International for GRE and TOEFL guidance as well as application assistance. Getting a fully funded MS offer from USA universities is always regarded a rare event. But under the meticulous guidance of Edxcare, especially Mr. Arindam Roy, I succeeded to get my dream offer under one of the largest projects of the world i.e. the I2SLWR project, which intends to develop a GEN-3+ nuclear reactor taking care of all factors that led to the nuclear disaster in Japan. I had followed every step that Arindam Sir had advised me to take. In fact, after following his guidelines, I applied to only four universities and got fully funded offers from all of them. Right from the first day of my GRE classes to getting my USA visa and even air tickets, Edxcare has helped me with full responsibility. I shall recommend all future USA aspirants to take guidance from Edxcare.

Anurati Saha (Trinity College Dublin)

Studying overseas has been my dream from my childhood. To fulfil this dream the most important entity is ‘professional guidance’. I was an engineering student in a college based in South of India. I joined Edxcare back in my hometown, Kolkata. I joined Edxcare because they value each student and gives personal guidance. I utilised my summer and winter holidays preparing for GRE and TOEFL. They guided me via emails and frequent phone chats. Finding the right college wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance of Edxcare. They helped me with each and every step in the application process. I joined Trinity College Dublin in 2012, September. I wouldn’t have been here without the excellent guidance from Edxcare. Edxcare has adapted to my needs and helped me in every possible way for me to realize my dream.

Abhishek Roy Chowdhury (Montclair State University)

I always dreamt about pursuing higher education in USA since my early college life in Kolkata. The only feasible option to fulfill my USA dream was to bag a full assistantship as I didn’t have that financial strength to pursue it otherwise. At that time, I was searching for the right guidance, and it was one of my friends who gave the information of Edxcare International. I still remember my first day at Edxcare when I met Arindam Roy and realized that my dream is very much achievable even being an ordinary student. The rest is history. The care, guidance and assistance I received from every member of Edxcare cannot be described in words. Two years spent with Edxcare was one of the memorable times of my life. We were like a family and I enjoyed every moment there: from classes, pre-application period, final application period till the date of my journey to USA. I think there is no other institute in Kolkata who treat their students as family members instead of treating them as a business medium. I am glad that I met Arindam Sir and I cannot thank him enough for all his valuable guidance which helped me a lot to achieve my dream. Today I am doing my PhD from Montclair State University and I am very much living my USA dream, but all of it was started on that day when I first stepped in Edxcare and found the right path to walk on. If you dream of studying in USA, your dream is very much achievable when you receive the proper guidance and Edxcare is the best institute for that. I am proud to be a part of the Edxcare family and my relationship with them is still continuing and the Edxcare reunions in USA are the best proof of it.

Namrata Pradhan (Grand Valley State University)

Edxcare international is one of the very few consultancies which guarantee your admissions abroad. When I say "guarantee", trust me they do. When I first went to them regarding my plans to come to US I wasn't even sure if they would provide me with the service I wanted so I wasn't expecting much because most of the other consultancies would tell you but never show you the result. But Edxcare will show you the result you need and help you throughout the process. Be it admission, visa interview prep, etc, etc. They are one reliable consultancy and their service charge is very reasonable too. So guys you should definitely get their service.

Piyali Das (University Of Cincinnati)

‘Edxcare’- Education with care; truly achieved its meaning. They are the 1st reason to instigate in me the zeal to pursue higher studies in US. Following their footsteps landed me to US. They nurtured me in such a way that today I am able to write this little piece of text as a token of appreciation. I was partially funded when I accepted the offer from University of Cincinnati in 2013. But Arindam Da provided me with the courage to face the odds and my journey in US so far had been wonderful with full funding being taken care of from my university. When I visited India in June 2014, I visited Edxcare, Jodhpur Park center personally and shared my experiences with Arindam da. Luckily I met Sujata mam as well. Both commented that I have not changed much in the course of 1yr. But I know from the core bottom of my heart that in due course of 1 yr my entire life has dramatically changed (in a positive manner though). And one of the major shares of the credit goes to Edxcare.

Debarati Ghose (Northern Illinois University)

As I sit to pen down my experience with Edxcare International, I don't know where to start from. My very first memory of Edxcare would definitely be walking into the office at Jodhpur Park, totally confused about my next step after completing Masters. Within an hour of talking to Mr. Arindam Roy, I actually could take a decision. I decided to prepare for GRE and apply for a PhD position in USA. I was amazed at the conviction with which Arindam Sir guided me and that continued till the day my visa arrived and the tickets were bought. I attended classes for GRE for two months and I was wonderfully tutored by Sujata Roy, the English faculty and Animesh Bhandari, the mathematics faculty. Personal attention was provided to one and all in the class, questions answered, tests conducted regularly and it was actually ensured that every student is absolutely ready to take the test before they were scheduled for one. After bagging good scores in GRE and TOEFL, when I started applying, that's when I realized how much experienced guidance pays off. Thus, starting from preparations for GRE to flying into USA with a PhD offer and full scholarship, I owe it hugely to Edxcare International. I doubt if I would have landed with a full funding had I not joined Edxcare at that critical juncture of my career. I loved the friendly atmosphere of the institution- be it during classes or working on university applications in the office. Every step was ably guided and doubts at every single point of the application process were always clarified with a smile by Arindam Roy and Saheli Roy. Above everything, we all actually became a part of the Edxcare family; friends were made, hearty laughter made its rounds, struggles and frustrations were discussed, foods were ordered and the list continues. I strongly believe that Edxcare International is the only institute which provides customized guidance exactly to suit your need. So, whatever advice they give you please believe them, because, trust me THEY MEAN IT.

Sagarnil Das (University Of Central Florida)

I still remember that day when my mother asked me, “How about doing a PhD abroad?” So after learning about an exam called GRE, I was looking for a proper guidance as all these things were totally new to me. After going through a few coaching centers, and rejecting them in my mind the moment I stepped inside their threshold, I arrived at Edxcare with the same anticipation in my mind. But something was different. I wasn’t being asked what my achievements were in life in terms of curricular activities. Instead, Mr. Arindam Roy started to explain the different realms of the life in US, it captured my interest and undivided attention. When it was done, I somehow felt at home because of his one important statement: “If you decide to stay here, remember one thing. You are my student as long as I bid you farewell and see you off at the airport. Even if that takes two years or two months.” I was skeptic about the whole thing, but for the first time, this statement hit me. All the other centers were offering me a course for 2 months or 6 months or whatever. But here is a guy, who is so confident about himself sending me to US with a full scholarship, that he is giving me an indefinite amount of time to be there, right inside Edxcare international. I loved this confidence, so I decided to join. That was the start, I never had to look back in terms of proper guidance about making it to THE US, having fun (which was more important to me for some reason), making some crazy new friends and having those snack parties after class and having loads of laughter, fun and also bonding with Arindam da more and more. He is such an amazing guy. I wished I had met him earlier. Days passed like seconds and finally the D-day came. I scored quite well. But alas, how wrong I was when I thought the main hurdle is over after giving GRE. The application phase was anarchy. You can see students in almost every corner of the classroom, frantically making and adjusting their applications, papers and documents flying across the room, nonstop sound of printers and scanners doing their job relentlessly, thousands of emails bidding farewell to us and making it to US. Man! I have seen it all. Finally it was all over. I cracked 5 universities with full scholarship and stipend. I never forgot that how hard Edxcare fought to keep its promises. How we never got demoralized, never gave up, never thought it was too difficult. All these feelings, now I realize were totally an intersection set with EdXcare. I love Edxcare with all my heart and I love Arindam da even more. He was like an elder brother to me all along, giving me suggestions in both my professional and personal life. Had it been not for Edxcare, I wouldn’t have ended here so smoothly and without complicacies. And even if I am far away, maybe it’s not a farewell at all, only a new beginning. Today, Edxcare is one of the elite training centers in India and this is only due to the fact that EDX cared! Rock On !

Abhinit Nagar (Albany Medical College)

I still remember 9th May, 2011 as the day when I took the best decision of my life of joining ‘EDXCARE INTERNATIONAL’. It appeared relatively small and uncompetitive as compared to other institutes in Kolkata but who knew then that the two people sitting in front of me, Arindam Roy and Saheli Roy are actually the best decision-makers when it comes to studying abroad. I still have that piece of paper in which Arindam Sir first chalked out my strengths and weaknesses and wrote a small note as to what I should be doing in the coming ten months to improve my academic profile. The faculty at the institute knew exactly what the short-comings of the students are. This is mainly due to small students to teacher ratio per class which allowed for more personalized attention. I am greatly thankful to Arindam Sir and Saheli Madam for all the help they provided me from booking dates for exam to booking my flight tickets. They helped me in getting dates finalized for GRE and TOEFL based on my preparations. Without them applying to abroad would have been very difficult. They checked my each and every application thoroughly before I submitted them. I don’t remember as to how many times Arindam Sir edited my SOP so that it fits well with the department I am applying to. Arindam Sir’s experience cannot be matched. Whenever I see my appointment letter from Albany Medical College, I can hear him saying ‘their response to your mail looks promising, keep in touch with them and keep me updated about your conversation with them’. Frankly speaking, for me there was nothing extra-ordinary in that response and I still wonder which word, phrase or sentence in that mail made him say that to me. Well, I guess that is not my job to figure out what looked so promising in that mail because the Edxcare team is best in that job and I know no student in Edxcare have to ever take that headache for themselves.