Although India provides several good options, the aspiration to go abroad and pursue a degree from a good university is always attractive. It is not surprising therefore that among all countries worldwide India sends the highest number of students to the USA and sends the second highest number of students to the UK, after China. However, it is sad that most students do not get assistance at the right time and this jeopardizes their chances of realizing their ambitions. It is very important that students are guided properly towards selecting the appropriate universities in the country of their choice.

Going abroad to pursue higher studies requires a lot of planning and organization. The first step towards this endeavour is deciding upon the course one wishes to go for. Countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand provide a wide array of specializations and combinations in various streams. For example MBA is the most studied course in the US and UK by Indian students. While students from pure science and engineering backgrounds find the US to be their favoured destination, bioscience subjects are equally popular in the UK, Canada and US. Social sciences and media related courses are much sought after in the UK. Finance and accounting are strong areas in the UK as well as in countries like Australia and New Zealand. Vocational courses ranging from cookery to physiotherapy are also in demand in ANZ.

While bachelor degrees in the UK and ANZ take 3 years to complete, in the US it takes 4 years. Post graduate courses are shortest in the UK and are of 1 year duration; in ANZ it could range anywhere between 1 to 2.5 years and in the US they take 2 years to complete. Tuition fees in each country depend on the type of university one is applying to and also on the nature of the degree. For instance, public universities charge lower tuition fees in comparison to private universities. And laboratory based courses cost more than non-laboratory based courses.

Most students want to avail of scholarships that are provided by various foreign institutions to pay for the tuition and living costs. However all countries are not willing to provide financial aid to them. In the United States the possibility of obtaining such aid is far higher than in the United Kingdom or Australia. There are certain conditions that determine whether the student will be given financial aid or not in the United States. GRE / GMAT / SAT and TOEFL / IELTS scores, Statement of Purpose, Recommendation Letters, Academic Performance, Research or Industrial training, are some of the decisive factors. For UK the prospective candidates will have to compete for the scholarships which are provided by various private trusts and organizations. Taking up an educational loan from banks is a way of funding one's education or one can be funded by any blood relative as well.

Applying to foreign universities is a task that requires time. In the US, there are 2 sessions (spring and fall); in the UK it is in Sept. / Oct and Jan / Feb every year while ANZ has two sessions per year. Right from college / university selection to the visa procedure requires some effort. An area of great concern for all foreign students is the availability of proper jobs after acquiring the degree. Most overseas educational institutions have active placement divisions that help students in making their CVs and prepare them for interviews. Every country has its own rules regarding working part time by the students while pursuing their degree. Rules governing work permits and Permanent Residency status in different countries are also different and subject to periodic changes.

Scholarships and prestigious awards are bountiful for deserving students and most get full funding for their education in USA, including their living expenses. The US University system provides an environment which fosters academic excellence and provides a huge range of courses combined with exciting campus life and abundant research facilities. This makes the US an irresistible destination for future Nobel Laureates.

Edxcare International, the most reputable Institute in the field of Overseas Education, specializes in bagging Full Financial Aid for students in some of the most reputed Universities in USA. It has an intensive training program for GRE, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS. The Institute has a well equipped library with computer facilities for the students to use. This institution has an unmatched track record of successful students who received Full Financial Aid.

That the funding scenario has been hugely affected due to recession is a myth. Edxcare has proved it wrong by churning out a huge number of scholarships for its students. Application to USA is a complex process; where professional help of specialists enhances the chance of obtaining a scholarship. Most students tend to narrow their search to some well known institutions and neglect others. We guide and show them why it is better to research the advantages of different universities based on their individual needs and test scores.

Going abroad to pursue higher education is an experience in itself. Students should view it as an opportunity to study in a multicultural ambience. It not only broadens one's horizon by giving a truly international exposure but also enhances one's communication skills and personality that ultimately assist in career growth

From excellent test guidance in classrooms to admission counselling, from test registration to pre-departure orientation, from visa counselling to a warm see-off at the airport - the institute is closely involved with each and every student sharing their moments of joy and success.


Arindam Roy
Executive Director




Edxcare International is a leading educational consultancy for higher studies in USA, based out of Kolkata, India. Since 1999